Thank you for your interest in Creative Writing, however, all spots are currently filled.  Click on the Contact link above and fill in the information to secure your spot on my waitlist. You will be contacted when space is available.

LOCATION DETAILS:  My Office is in the SOUTH one of the 2 buildings in this complex (closest to CVS and says 270 above the doors). Go inside the double doors pictured above and it is the first door on the right.

Welcome, Parents!

If you are interested in showing your child how to develop structure, content and a love for the craft of writing, then The Write Way can help! This program emphasizes how to outline the correct form, followed by the building of content through rich, detailed proof, and most importantly, provides feedback by expecting typed in rough drafts to be edited and revised for common mistakes each week.

 If you want your child to catch up or stay ahead, The Write Way can help!


I am an experienced educator and certified teacher in the state of Texas. For the last 12 years, I have taught mastery of basic skills with an emphasis on connecting reading and writing. For the last five years, I have developed a program to assist students in expressing their voice by incorporating specific writing skills to apply to any type of school assigned essay. I specialize in preparing students for standardized testing; STAAR, and SAT/ACT preparation. I also help high school seniors who need help editing and revising college essays. 


So, if you need a helping hand, don't be afraid to reach out to me.


I'm here to help your child learn and grow.

Note: Students must be in the 5th grade or higher.

270 N. Denton Tap (Princeton Park) Suite 140

Creative Writing Classes

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