Creative Writing Classes

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(1 Hour Class)

  • Must be pre-approved and only for high school students.
  • Small group instruction, up to 12 students, to collaborate and construct idea generation in response to challenging essay prompts released from past tests.
  • Outline a different SAT/ACT Essay Prompt each week. If a student misses a week due to a conflict, they can easily pick up the next week because it is a new prompt.
  • ​Begin the class with discussion about the essay prompt each week. Then, break down the prompt into manageable parts and determine a direction to take.
  • ​First, develop ideas and construct the essay from the body paragraphs including three clear ideas with rich details and real world examples.
  • ​Formulate an outline as a group, which includes an introductory lead with clear thesis, body paragraph topic sentences, and a restated thesis followed by a strong and relevant conclusion.
  • ​Spend the last 25 minutes of the class using the generated outline during class discussion to write the entire SAT/ACT essay using the 25-minute time allowed for the actual test.
  • ​The 1 hour class time allows students to complete the essay by the end of class.